Are You Ready to Embrace Agile Working?


It is estimated that by 2019, over 59 million tablets will be in use. The trend for using tablets in business has increased significantly over recent years with more of us using them in our daily working life – and agile working plays a big part in this increase.

Recently we evaluated survey data from several European countries to highlight where and how tablets are being used. An interesting finding was just how many companies are now supplying their staff with electronic devices.

In 2017, 92% of all companies in Finland and Denmark provided their employees with mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to enable them to work digitally and encourage agile working.

*Evaluation of Eurostat statistics and surveys by various statistical offices around Europe

But what do we mean when we say agile working?

The term ‘Agile Working’ refers to a specific way of working in which an organisation empowers its staff to work where, when and how they choose, with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints. The aim of this is to simply create a more efficient and effective organisation which improves business performance and customer satisfaction.

Why are businesses adopting agile working?

Two major factors are space and cost. In major cities office space comes at a premium, so if you can create a work space for multiple people, where traditionally only one person would have sat, the same space becomes more cost effective.

Agile working can also often help with innovation and productivity. Having people from different departments together creates a forum to share business ideas more easily which can have a massive impact on the end result of a project as well as improve professional relationships.

How you can encourage collaboration in your workplace

  • Hot Desking
    An effective method to help encourage collaborative work is ‘Hot Desking’. This refers to the method of using a single physical work station or surface in an office environment for multiple people to work at rather than each staff member having their own personal dedicated desk.

    Traditionally, this would never have worked because the technology wouldn’t have been available to make it possible, but with the rise of electronic devices such as tablets being used in every day working life, it is much easier for organisations to adapt to this method.


  • Introduce Tablet Holders
    Tablet Holders provide businesses with a stylish and robust solution which is perfect for hot desking. Ergonomically designed with adjustable screen angles and built-in security measures, Tablet holders are easy to integrate with nearly any tablet in any workspace.
  • Using the latest furniture
    Office furniture has also come a long way and is helping companies make the change to agile working. The VARICOLOR® Smart Office range gives staff the tools to take their work equipment with them.

    Take the stylish and compact JOB CASE which can store an individual’s possessions in an agile environment such as USB cables, pens, post-it labels etc. It’s easily cleared away quickly and is ideal for taking items with you on the go.

 Is it time you made the switch to an agile workspace?