To celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2017, Merseyside based office furniture manufacturer Dams set themselves a challenge to raise a whopping £50,000 for charity over 12 months. Dams not only smashed through their £50,000 target but managed to raise a grand total of £61,336 for their chosen charities – Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the British Heart Foundation.

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity and through 50 years of funding cutting edge research, they have already made a big difference to people’s lives, with thousands of research projects around the UK that are fighting heart disease. Alder Hey is a truly world-class, patient-friendly children’s hospital for the 275,000 patients and families they care for every year, with a range of life-saving medical equipment and facilities that are making a real difference to families every day.

The Dams £50K for 50 years charity challenge aim was to inspire and encourage Dams employees, both as individuals and as teams. Fundraising activities across the year included – sporting events and challenges, raffles, bake sales, shop donations and much more. Members of the Dams charity committee presented BHF and Alder Hey with their huge cheques last week!


“At the end of June we completed our 12 month charity challenge of raising £50,000 and I was delighted that we not only managed to hit our target, but we exceeded all expectations raising well over £60,000.” says Managing Director Chris Scott. “I’m immensely proud of all the team here at Dams for all their efforts. The charity challenge has had a positive impact across the business and the money we raised will have a positive effect on many people’s lives”.

Chris continues “The charity challenge is something we are aiming to carry on, not just for the next 12 months but for many years and the team are busy drawing up plans for some exciting fundraising and charity events as we speak!”

As an independent, family-owned company, built over 50 years, Dams recognises its corporate social responsibility and believe that the long-term future of the business is best served by respecting the interests of all stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

British Heart Foundation



Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at Claremont Centre

Most sales orientated companies have a website, brochures and some social media accounts. The audience embraces the brand the way in which an architect of marketing has wanted them to. Shiny pictures, buzz statements and promises of being the best at what they do.


We’re different.

We look at our office furniture website (www.claremont-centre.com) and we look at our brochures, social media channels and some email campaigns and we are much the same. But, there is a difference (most marketing folk would probably say the next bit too), we’re different. The team at Claremont Centre are a proud team of individuals working with a common goal of fulfilling the needs of you; our furniture dealers and ultimately for you to have the confidence to pass on a promise to your clients that when you say they can have their office furniture, they will have it.

We’ll show you.

At Claremont Centre we have all the bells and whistles, we have the support material that you need but we also have a passionate desire, which is so difficult to put into words, so rather than doing so, we are going to try and put some substance to our fulfilment desire across all our social media channels. Over the coming weeks & months we are going to illustrate to you how our level of fulfilment is achieved; a behind the scenes look if you like on LinkedIn, Twitter  & Instagram. If you follow us on any of these channels and email jamesm@claremont-cente.com he will make sure there is a little gift in the post to you by the way!



We have been part of projects when there has been an urgent requirement for product to be delivered to site on Monday with an order only being placed on Thursday; the actual delivery was the easy bit, it was the communication and reassurance of our ability to fulfil the quick requirement that was key.


Projects can experience delays, just last week there were two dealer projects that have slipped a week due to unforeseen circumstances, it happens. Not picking the order and loading it on the truck that week, simple. Making sure the dealer knows they can approach us to help facilitate their delivery schedule when they are ready for it – so fulfilment can be at the right time because if it’s not, it’s a disaster, that’s key.


See for yourself.

If as a current or perspective dealer of Claremont Centre you would like to meet the proud fulfilment team in Glasgow to see them in action, consider this a formal invitation to come along, drop James an email (jamesm@claremont-cente.com) and he can get arrangements made!

Apex Posture Tested by Scientists to Perform

The Apex Posture chair from PSI is as ergonomically sound as it is pleasing on the eye!



Comprehensive and extensive analysis was undertaken recently at the University of Central Lancashire and the chair underwent a series of tests, providing outcomes concerning posture, pressure, pelvic inclination and seating peak pressure. The testing included A-B analysis alongside our standard office chair, the YARROW.

The full report is available by clicking HERE and we can now proudly announce that the APEX POSTURE was found to improve spinal alignment AND reduce peak seating pressure.

As you can probably imagine we’re very pleased with the findings and would love it if you could share the news by clicking the buttons below or retweet/share the post you may have clicked to get to this news article

CMD – Hosting Orgatec After Party

CMD are proud to announce that we are hosting the 2018 Orgatec after party, in partnership with OnOffice, and we would love for you to attend. To request a ticket for this prestigious event, please visit bit.ly/afterparty18, click the ‘REGISTER’ button, and select the number of tickets required.

Tickets can be collected from the CMD stand, Hall 6.1, Isle C, Stand 080, any time during the Orgatec exhibition.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Reduce Meeting Room Noise

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Some meeting rooms can present significant acoustic problems especially with reverberation. This is especially prominent in rooms with many hard surfaces. Unfortunately the minimalistic designs favoured for aesthetics involve lots of hard surfaces that allow sound to “bounce” back into the room and have significant decay times. This manifests as “echo” or “flutter” and has a detrimental affect to users of the space.

Our solution is to survey the areas and make recommendations that often involve making Class A absorber panels that are suspended horizontally from the ceiling, Or the manufacture and installation of acoustic Class A wall panels. These provide sufficiently large surface areas of absorption to reduce the reverberation times to a more acceptable level.

Please contact us if you have problems with meeting room noise, reverberation or any other acoustic problems and we can help.


Are You Ready to Move Away from Traditional Office Spaces?




It is estimated that by 2019, over 59 million mobile tablet units will be in use.

The trend for using tablets in business has increased significantly over recent years with more and more of us using them in our day to day working life. They’re mobile and flexible, with the ability to assist with a range of professional tasks from content creation to order processing.

In major cities, designated desks for staff are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past and hot desking is becoming an ever-regular sight in offices. One of the driving forces for this is often space.

Office space in major cities comes at a premium and if you can create a workstation for multiple people, where in the past only one person would have sat, the same space becomes much more cost effective.

Tablets help to reduce desk space and when placed into a holder can be used for long periods of time just like a standard pc. Tablet holders that can be adjusted to provide various reading angles are ideal and if space is at a premium, choose an option that clamps to the desk.

The rise of agile workspaces is also helping to encourage greater communication between staff members. Meeting rooms are being replaced by collaboration areas which allow different teams and departments to work together on projects, improving professional relationships and understanding within the business. Providing tablets in collaboration areas enables staff to write up ideas, check facts and create documents without leaving the space.

The use of tablets in the office can massively aid the transition to agile working. Durable Tablet Holders provide businesses with a stylish and robust solution that is perfect for hot desking. Ergonomically designed with adjustable screen angles and built-in security measures, the Tablet Holders are easy to integrate with nearly any tablet in any workspace.


Size Really Doesn’t Matter

In its 25-year history of manufacturing and installing tailored changing room solutions, Crown Sports Lockers have worked on projects large and small.

From micro spa and fitness suites to huge installs across education, golf and leisure, Crown has delivered all manner and means of client specifications.

As part of Crown’s bespoke service, it provides a dedicated project manager to partner clients on achieving their vision.

A sole source of contact is often vital on complex projects that bring several trades together under tight timelines. That level of service is also important on smaller jobs where the personal touch can reassure the client everything will go to plan.

Operators are focusing increasingly on the quality of changing facilities as a vital ingredient in the recipe for customer satisfaction and member retention – a factor that applies whether sites are small or vast.

And they can be assured that as a Made in Britain registered manufacturer, Crown supplies and installs products fashioned to the highest standards for long, reliable service.


Village Hotels Ensures Changing Areas are Fighting Fit

National fitness bodies are stepping up the intensity of their campaigns to move Britain into becoming more active.

Hotel group Village Hotels is doing its bit by running health and fitness clubs to rival any on the high street.



With memberships numbering typically 3,000, the operator enjoys major retention success for clubs across the country.

Maintaining healthy memberships is about more than providing leading-edge fitness kit though. Changing facilities have to be up to the mark too, especially when throughput can be consistently high.

Changing room specialist manufacturers Crown Sports Lockers has partnered Village Hotels on nearly all of its locker room fitouts, designing and installing fit for purpose, robust and eyecatching provision to serve a demanding audience.